MIG Welding – Quick and Efficient Welds for Commercial Manufacturing

With a wide variety of welding techniques in use, it is important to choose the right fabrication service for your welding needs. MIG welding is a type of welding also known as gas metal arc welding (GMAW) that is used to weld all types of metals and alloys that are available commercially and can also be used with a variety of bases metals in varying thicknesses. This type of welding can serve a variety of purposes and industries in Cleveland, making it a versatile fabrication option for manufacturers in the area.

How Does MIG Welding Work?
MIG or Metal Inert Gas welding is a electric arc process that uses an externally supplied gas shield to protect the metal pool from damage that can be caused by other elements in the atmosphere. Solid steel wire is fed through the machine, a liner, and then the contact tip that is inside of the MIG gun. The contact tip on the MIG gun becomes hot via an electrical charge which melts the steel wire. This molten material is then used to fill in a weld joint, joining two pieces of metal together. The electrical characteristics of the arc created are controlled automatically by the equipment.

The welder operator is required to manually control other operations including gun or torch positioning, as well as travel speed and direction. With the proper equipment settings, the electrode can be melted at a proper rate which in turn allows the pre-selected arc length to be maintained for smooth operation. For this type of welding, a filler metal conducts the current to the arc zone in order to melt the electrode and the base metal, while also helping to add strength to the welded joint.

Using MIG Welding Services for a Durable and Efficient Weld
MIG welding allows for high quality and dependable welds to be created quickly and efficiently due to having less of a chance of slag entrapment in the weld since flux is not used. With the benefit of a gas shield, weld splatter is minimal and there is very little loss of alloying elements. This type of welding is also very versatile and can be used on a variety of metals and alloys of various thicknesses. MIG welding is also versatile in how it can be operated, making it an accessible service for commercial manufacturing and fabricating in Cleveland.