Metal Fabrications for Interior and Exterior Use

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Metal Fabricators

Metal is one of the most versatile materials known to man. Sheet metal can be bent and shaped into countless items, including drawer units and stair rails. Casting or forging the metal may also be required, depending on the fabrications needed and where they are to be used.

Metal can be used indoors and outdoors, with the latter requiring galvanisation to ensure it does not corrode in wet or damp weather. Here are just some of the various uses metal fabrications may have in the world around us.

Interior Uses

We have found many ways to introduce metal into our homes. Sheet metal can be hung on walls to create a modern, almost space-age look. Metal pipes can be a feature rather than something to be hidden away. Specially designed handles and stair rails fabricated from a selected type of metal can add the finishing touch to a new home. They are easy to polish and keep looking good, require little to no upkeep, and provide a striking talking point too.

Exterior Uses

If metal is galvanised prior to use, it can withstand the extremes of temperature and moisture it is likely to encounter. We can enjoy everything from a stylish metal planter to some practical metal guttering and drainpipes. Metal sheds have also become more popular in recent years. The fabrications process enables the metal to be moulded into sections, placed in flat pack form, and then be put together by the homeowner.

From small metal items such as handles, through to much larger structures including the framework for buildings, the process of working with metals to find the best and most eye-catching solutions continues. Strength, reliability, and a pleasing appearance can all assist in helping to move towards the best result.

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