Metabolic Testing for Weight Loss in Oklahoma City

Weight loss goals are set by many, and these goals often come with unrealistic expectations of dropping excess pounds in record time. Many are disappointed when the weight loss is minimal and become discouraged. Some have ridden the diet and exercise roller coaster for years while others seek more dramatic solutions like bariatric surgery. The key to finding out why some people gain weight while others do not and why some cannot is found in the metabolism.

Metabolic Testing is the best way to understand why a person will or will not lose excess pounds. Many believe that their genetics are the reason they gain weight and feel there is little or nothing that can be done about it. Genetics does play a role, but it is a small role in the larger production of a person’s overall metabolic structure. Performing a series of tests that include blood work, stress, and resting rates of an individual can determine if a person lacks certain hormones or vital nutrients within their body to cause them to retain fat cells. A proper diet and regular exercise are as important as the body’s metabolic system. People often count calories as a part of their diet, but the number of calories consumed is often not as important as the number of nutrients those calories are offering a body’s system. Lacking essential vitamins and minerals can cause a person’s metabolism to slow down, leaving them to pack on excess weight with the inability to work it off. Metabolic Testing can help determine if a person has an underlying medical issue that has caused the excessive weight gain. Thyroid functions that are low can alter how quickly a person’s digestive system processes food.

Using the results of these tests coupled with proper medical guidance, a person can begin to lose weight easier than just exercise and diet alone. Looking into all the factors of a person’s life also helps to determine which program is right for them. Doctors can help people start to lose weight by evaluating their metabolic functions, sleep, stress and eating habits.

Individuals looking to lose weight and keep it off should consult a physician to have their metabolic functions tested.