Maryland Artist Brings Positive Female Energy to Your Smoke Sessions

Are you tired of only having masculine products available to your customers? Perhaps you have a following of female customers who would like to see a bit more representation on your shelves? One Maryland artist has changed the game for the weed industry by providing a line of 420-friendly cannabis art for wholesale on a variety of products. Whether your customers are looking for stunning female-empowered rolling trays or dab mats, they’re sure to love this selection of products.

Beautiful Fairyland Vibes

What smoker chick doesn’t love a good watercolor fairy image? Linda Biggs is a talented artist located in Maryland who creates a line of cannabis art for wholesale so that customers all over the country can enjoy positive female vibes during their smoke sessions. Each piece includes a gorgeous woodland fairy complete with vibrant watercolors and psychedelic shrooms and critters to set the tone for a fun smoking experience. Choose packages of unique printed rolling papers, stunning rolling trays featuring some of the artist’s most popular works, and so much more.

Never Making You Overpay for Shipping

One of the most significant advantages to shopping for female-friendly cannabis art for wholesale at this Maryland-based online shop is the shipping policy. Although your shipping costs may seem high depending on the contents of your order, the team always refunds the difference if your shipping costs end up coming out cheaper than originally expected. This means you’ll never have to worry about getting stiffed with an unnecessarily high shipping bill.