Making the Most of Junior High

Junior high school, referred to as middle school in many areas, is one of the most difficult educational periods for kids. Socially, it can be a very awkward time, as kids transition from being children to being young adults.

Sometimes, this social awkwardness gets the better of kids, and they begin to have academic challenges, as well. It’s important that parents keep a close watch on both their kids’ grades and their social development during junior high school. If you find your child is struggling academically, it may be time to intervene.

Be certain your child is attending a school that offers plenty of extracurricular activities as well as academic excellence. When a teen is able to find and pursue a passion, they gain self-esteem and focus. During the junior high years, discovering this passion can provide enormous benefits for kids, both socially and academically. Whether your child has an interest in sports, the arts or student government, feeding that interest is one of the best things you can do to help your child. Find a school that offers a wide variety of activities.

There are several Murphy junior high schools, so your family has an opportunity to choose the one that most appeals to your child’s academic and social needs. Talk with the staff at your local Murphy junior high schools to determine if changing schools to a private or Montessori school would benefit your child at this point in his or her life.

High school is right around the corner, so junior high is a great time to ensure your child has every chance to succeed at whatever he or she chooses to pursue. Having the right mix of academic and extracurricular activities in your Murphy junior high school can turn a traditionally awkward phase of life into great preparation for the future.