Making The Most Of 120V Landscape Lighting

One of the many advantages of using 120v landscape lighting around your home or any area on your property is the added appeal these lights provide. While not designed to provide bright, highly illuminating light, they do provide a gentle, soft light that looks very natural and adds an ambiance to any outdoor space.

Making the most of your landscaping, particularly in the evening hours, gives you the option to sit outside on a beautiful night or to plan events without having to worry about everyone going inside at dark. With 120v landscape lighting strategically placed throughout your yard, you can highlight areas of focus or provide gentle light along walkways or paths for increased safety.

Be Creative

With the top designs in 120v landscape lighting packages or individual lighting options you can be as creative as you like. You can mix and match lighting options from pole type of lights with beautiful brass, copper or combinations of fixtures for a top down light to mini-flood lights for highlighting trees, fountains or even element of the home.

Be Energy Efficient

A fully solar powered landscape lighting package is a wonderful option in any yard or in any landscaped area. The larger solar panel can be discretely positioned out of the way, allowing you to place the lights where you want them without the need to be in the direct sun.

The energy harnessed by the panel is stored in a compact yet powerful battery, ensuring you have the power you need when you need it. With automatic set-up for on and off functions you can even customize how long you want the 120v landscape lighting on with any power source.

Consider the Landscaping Features

Before installing the 120v landscape lighting system, it is important to consider which features, or what specific area you wish to highlight with the indirect light. Once you know which areas you want to highlight, you can then start to look for the right fixtures.

By mixing different types of 120v landscape lighting, it is easy create the perfect look. Taller pole-style lights are a great addition to a walkway, while uplights or floodlights can be used to provide lights from the ground up for trees, fountains, landscaping features or even against the fence or the home itself.

With all the options in 120v landscape lighting, it won’t be difficult to find the right type of light for your outdoor lighting needs. These lights will definitely increase your appreciation and enjoyment of your property regardless of the outdoor lighting you current have in place.

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