Making Pavement Markings–the Importance of Using Glass Beads

Pavement markings are generally designed to be used by cars as directions for where to park and where to go. However, visibility is severely impaired at night, so it’s important that a certain type of material is used to make the markings visible at the night. Apart from using brighter colors, such as yellow and white, for making the markings on the dark road, glass beads are also used. These beads reflect light, creating a mini-reflector that allows drivers to see the road markings at night. The light from the car is able to illuminate the beads, thus showing the markings clearly.

Economical and Safe

While it may seem like these glass beads can damage the surface of the tires, they are finely-ground and are designed to actually improve conditions of night-time driving. Basically, only road markings that contain beads are the ones that are visible at night. If there are no beads, the markings won’t be visible. The road marking materials and the glass beads combine to create a retroreflective system on the roads. They are quite economical and safe, making them a fantastic choice for use on the roads.

Applying the Markings

Pavement or road markings can’t be applied by an untrained person. You will need to call a reputable company with experience in this field to assist you with placing the markings. There are several companies that specialize in making markings in parking lots and roads, along with maintenance services such as seal coatings, and others. You can contact a reputable firm such as Acme Paving Contractors by dialing the number 239-574-7477 or 941-255-0002 for more information. They will send a professional for installing the markings on the roads or in the parking lot. Connect with them on Facebook for more information.