Make Your House a Home: How to Create Positive Energy

Your home should be a safe space, away from the hustle and bustle of the world, where you enjoy waking up and spending time. Keeping the energy in your home light, airy, and positive will help you be your best self in the world and remain centered, grounded, and motivated in your daily life.

Applying feng-shui techniques like aromatherapy, color therapy, and careful placement of home accents and furniture are effective ways to keep energy flowing in your space. Similarly, hanging love signs and other inspirational art pieces on your walls is a fun, simple way to go the extra mile and add a personal touch.

Finding the Right Items to Decorate Your Home

The #1 rule to follow when choosing items to decorate your home is to only select items you love. If it doesn’t make you happy or bring you joy, it doesn’t belong in your space.

When purchasing love signs and artwork, choose pieces that inspire and uplift. When choosing plants, seek out varieties that look and feel healthy and vibrant. And when choosing colors for furniture, linens, or other accents, search for colors that resonate with you and make sense in the room.

A red accent in the kitchen works well, for example, but an entire room done in red might be too overpowering. The same goes for blue; it’s a great color for relaxing, but too much of it can drag the vibe down in a room.

Using Love Signs as Mantras and Reminders

For the areas of your home that need a little extra TLC, like the bathroom, your kitchen, or above your bed or nightstand, love signs are a welcome addition. As love is the highest frequency of energy in the universe, reminding yourself to appreciate and share the love in your life is practicing good self-care.