Make Summer Parties Delicious with Fresh Grilled Seafood

Summer grilling season is here! Whether it’s just you and your sweetheart or the whole block showing up for a party, grilling seafood is a great way to break up the burgers and hotdogs, and give people a lighter choice of protein. Here are a few tips for grilling seafood at its best.

  1. Get the freshest seafood. Unfortunately, seafood in supermarkets and big box stores has been around for a while. When you buy fresh seafood online, it goes from the dock to your doorstep. This way you know it’s the freshest possible without catching it yourself.

  2. Clean the grill thoroughly. When you cook on your stove, you clean up spills and spattering as a matter of course. Every so often, you clean your oven and broiler, too. You should be doing the same with your gas or charcoal grill. The Spruce Eats points out that you should treat your grill like your range because a dirty grill makes for food that does not taste its best.

  3. Seafood cooks quickly and doesn’t need the fast searing that beef, pork, and chicken does to stay juicy. Set aside an area of the grill for the low, slow, and quick grilling that seafood needs. Figure about ten minutes per each inch of thickness, according to All Recipes.

  4. Firm-fleshed fish like salmon and swordfish can be grilled directly on the grill, but delicate filets need a two-layer approach. Place tin foil on the grill and then a layer of parchment on top of the foil. The put the delicate fish such as sole, flounder, and cod on the parchment.

Remember, the fresher the seafood, the better it will cook and the better it will taste. Buy fresh seafood online and make your summer parties delicious!