Maid Services in Lincoln, NE, Share Tips on Cleaning a Glass Top Stove

A brand new glass-top stove is sleek and wonderful to look at. The light reflecting off the exquisite surface makes your kitchen bright and opulent. After about a year, the once-shiny cooktop has become a dirty, unappealing appliance. You may learn how to clean a glass-top stove and restore it to its former beauty if this situation has occurred in your kitchen. Simply follow these tips shared by maid services in Lincoln, NE.

Daily Cleaning

Spills do occur. However, this does not mean they must leave your cooktop looking unkempt. It’s simple to immediately clean up any spilled grease or water from a boiling pot. To avoid touching hot burners, grab a paper towel and carefully clean up the spill.

When you’re done cooking and take your cookware off the stove, clean the glass with paper towels to remove any remaining oil or dirt. This is one of the best tips from maid services in Lincoln, NE, because it makes it so everything else can wait until after you’ve finished your supper.

Deeper Cleaning

Even with frequent cleaning, the glass top of the stove may still become stained and discolored. In addition to everyday care, you should deep clean your glass cooktop once a month. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are powerful enough to remove moderate buildup while being delicate enough to be used on glass stovetops. To remove the residue on the stovetop, just moisten the eraser, squeeze off the extra water, and wipe it with care.

Using a razor blade is frequently the simplest method to clean a glass-top stove with burnt-on grime. A razor blade won’t harm the surface as long as you are careful. Work gently and try to keep the glass moist.

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