Made to Order: Tips from a Great Steak Restaurant in D’Iberville, MS

Everyone likes his or her steak to be cooked to a slightly different degree. Some like it nearly raw. Others like it almost completely blackened on the outside. It is important to understand the names of and differences between these cooking preferences. This way, you can determine whether your favorite steak restaurant is preparing your steak properly. Here is a guide from an excellent steak restaurant in D’Iberville, MS

What Are the Different Levels of Steak Doneness?

  • Blue: Few people order their steaks “blue”; so few, in fact, that many don’t even know this is an option. A blue steak is cooked for around a minute on each side. It is seared on the outside and the inside is almost completely raw.
  • Rare: Rare steak is an option loved by many. When done correctly, the result is a steak that is seared on the outside and hot, tender, and juicy on the inside. Please note that you must be especially careful of the restaurant you choose when ordering one of the first two options on this list.
  • Medium-Rare: This option is essentially the best of both worlds for steak connoisseurs. The center should be 50% red with the remainder pink and, once again, seared on the outside.
  • Medium: This is a pink-centered steak, seared on the outside. It isn’t quite well-done and it isn’t quite rare. This is a popular choice for the paranoid.
  • Medium-Well: A medium-well steak is for those who want a steak done but not quite well-done. It has hints of pink but is mostly brown.
  • Well-Done: Well-done steak is completely brown inside and out. Many consider this option to be tough or a waste of a good steak. Others prefer this over all other options.


A great steak restaurant is one that knows exactly how to cook your steak. Use this guide when ordering to make sure your steak is 100% the way you want it. Contact Osaka Japanese Hibachi & Sushi Restaurant for more information. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.