Looking to Fix Your Turf Seeding Issues?

The team at 1st Products can help with all your seeding needs. The staff will work with you to find which of their high-end products is right for your seeding operation. From large to small operations, they’ve got the quality solutions that are needed to great turf. Give them a call today to find out how they can help you find the perfect turf seeding equipment!

Need Help Finding the Best Seeding Options?
The representatives at 1st Product can help to answer all your seeding questions. Here are some of their best seeding options available!

  • The UA80” Multi-Tine Shaft
    • This machine is great for seeding all turf without disturbing the surface. Its patented vibrating rotor action helps to increase seed germination!
  • The 60” Multi-Tine Shaft
    • This machine helps the original AERA-Vator to be used for seeding. If you own an aerator, be sure to check out this add-on to turn your machine into a multi-faceted asset in your turf maintenance!
  • The 40” Multi-Tine Shaft
    • This unit helps to add more versatility for seeding purposes. This product fits with every AERA-Vator frame!

Looking for The Perfect Machine?
Make sure to check out the AERA-Vator to bring a new meaning to your turf seeding equipment. With their patented machine, you’ll find out that you’ve been doing turf maintenance all wrong! By buying the AERA-Vator with its multiple add-ons, you’ll get the job done faster and more efficiently than ever before! The AERA-Vator comes in many options, including:

  • Frame Options
    • No Frame
    • UA40 AERA-Vator Frame
    • UA60 AERA-Vator Frame
    • UA80 AERA-Vator Frame
  • Shaft Options
    • Including 40,60, and 80-inch, power-seeder shaft, coring shaft, AERA-Slicer shaft, Multi-Tine and Multi-Spike shaft, coring shaft, and their AERA-Vator shaft.
  • Rake Options
    • 60 and 80 inch rakes
  • Roller Options
    • 40, 60, 80-inch Roller
    • 40, 60, 80-inch Spiker Roller
  • Seeder Option
    • 40, 60, 80-inch seed boxes

These options are sure to please anyone looking to buy new turf seeding equipment. By buying a new machine, you’ll be able to access all the great options that are offered from some of the leaders in turf maintenance. Have a look at their website today to put together the turf machine of your dreams!