Looking for Ways to Increase Security in Your Business? Consider These Tips

by | Aug 16, 2019 | Security Systems and Services

While you might like to think that your business is protected from criminals and criminalistic employees alike, the ugly truth is that isn’t always the case. A single camera may be able to keep an eye on the register, but what about the other areas of the business? Who has access to restricted parts of the building where sensitive information and valuable assets are located? You shouldn’t just think that your business is safe. You should know it. Consider some of these security tips.

1. Motion Detectors

Why simply stop at surveillance? Having a series of audio and motion detectors around key entrances and windows of your business can alert you the moment that there is trouble. If someone breaks into a shadowy corner of your business through a window, the camera might not detect them. Verified systems in Louisville, KY area, however, can alert your security the moment that the window is opened or broken.

The same can be said for doors that should remain closed throughout the off-hours of the business. If someone is accessing a door that shouldn’t be accessed, then an alert is sent to Sonitrol’s Central Station and they will notify the proper emergency services. It also comes with the bonus of not alerting the criminal to the fact that you know they are there. The police can arrive and apprehend them while still in the act.

2. Keycards

Keycards and key fobs are still a very effective way of maintaining security. Verified systems in Louisville, KY, ensure that keycards and other restrictive technologies can limit access to employees and customers. In the case of employees, it can ensure that everyone who doesn’t belong in high-security areas stays out of those areas. That way you can limit the possibility of damage or theft.

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