Looking for Downtown Penthouses For Sale

When you are looking for downtown penthouses for sale in New York City, there are many things you have to consider when you are making your choice. Every room has something special to offer and you need to make sure it meets your needs:

Living Room- you will likely do a lot of relaxing and entertaining in this room so it is important that it has the space and layout you need to accommodate your plans and that it fits your lifestyle.

Kitchen- the best penthouses have spacious kitchens full of the finest in modern appliances and combine functionality with a stunning and aesthetically pleasing décor.

Bathroom- people spend a lot of time in the bathroom and many penthouses boast spacious bathrooms with modern shower and tub as well as the finest in lighting, décor, and design!

Bedroom- you do more than sleep in your bedroom so it is important to make sure it is the right fit for you and your needs so you can enjoy the time spent there and start and end each day on a good note.

Views- many penthouses in the city boast amazing views of the city, skyline, and sights all around so this is definitely a major feature many look at when choosing their penthouse home.

Amenities – the little added touches and special features can make any apartment, condo, or penthouse feel more like home and are often the little touches that end up sealing the deal!

When it comes to finding downtown penthouses for sale in New York City it is important to know what you want and need and search for the place that brings it all together. A great place to start your search is The Shephard. See for yourself why their popularity is only continuing to grow!