Looking for a great way to kick up your feet and relax? Look no further!

There are few things in this world that are as relaxing as enjoying a fine cigar and a cool drink, while putting your feet up and getting lost in the ambiance of the moment. From the moment you buy cigars, you know that you are in for a unique experience. From that first long pull on the cap, until the very last ash has fallen from the foot of the cigar, the troubles of your world fade to the background as you get lost in your favourite tobacco experience. There are many ways to enjoy tobacco in various forms, but not many of them have that calm, cool sophistication that you get from a well-made cigar.

Why not enjoy a cigarette or some chewing tobacco? Why a cigar?

Many cigar aficionados compare cigars to fine wines. There are many flavours and there are many distinctions and tastes to cigars based on their aging process and the different leaves used in the blend and creation, just like there are with wines.  Enjoying the subtle differences between two similar cigars takes a discerning palette, and as you enjoy different blends of cigars, you will find some that you enjoy and some that you don’t. For many people, it’s this testing and culminating a taste for just the right cigar that brings the pleasure, far above and beyond the taste of cigarettes or chewing tobacco.

What is this “dance” that I’ve heard cigar smokers refer to?

There is a certain art to smoking a cigar that many cigar smokers refer to as “the dance”. Unlike a cigarette that you simply light and smoke, or chewing tobacco that you just put in your lower lip, there is a process to smoking a cigar that is missing with other types of tobacco. This ritual is something that is attractive to many cigar smokers. Are you going to cut the cap of the cigar, or are you going to bite it off? If you are going to cut the cap, where are you going to cut it and at what angle? How much of the cap are you going to cut?  Are you going to light the cigar with propane or butane, or something more natural like a cedar stick so that you only get the taste of the cigar alone? This ritual is something that each cigar aficionado creates and enjoys for themselves.