Liposuction for Men

When people talk about cosmetic surgery the general consensus has always seemed to be that it is for women but lately men are showing up in Chicago for liposuction in greater numbers than women. They have now come to the realization that they can also benefit from the procedures that women have been having done for years. With all the advertisements and television shows, they have a far greater understanding of the risks and benefits of these procedures, including liposuction, and with the understanding, come the choices.

Why are Men making this Choice?

At the top of the list for men choosing liposuction is the intensely competitive business world in which they live. Unfortunately, society still lives under the belief that the younger you are, the better you are. That means in order to compete many men in their 40s and up have turned to liposuction to contour certain areas of their bodies, including their necks, chests, and stomachs.

Where do Men Store Fat?

How fat is distributed has a lot to do with a person’s sex, age, and race. In general, men store their fat in the backs of their necks and their stomachs, though many men do also have liposuction done due to the fact that as they age they find that they have enlarged breasts. Also, the fatty tissue from their legs tends to travel to the abdomen which is where we get the term “spare tire”.

Along with Gain Comes a Little Pain

When liposuction is performed on a man it tends to be a little trickier simply because your skin is thicker and, particularly in your face, you find many hair follicles. Because of those two issues there tends to be more bleeding, but the odds of success are great. If you are at all interested in having liposuction done, then take the plunge and exercise your choice by contacting Chicagoland Aesthetics  and make an appointment for a consultation.