Employees who suffer accident injuries at their place of work are possibly eligible for workers compensation. However, the period after the workplace accident marks a very confusing and stressing time that can cause the injured employee to commit certain mistakes that may jeopardize his or her workers’ compensation prospects.

Legal advice from a workplace accident lawyer may come in handy at this moment in time. For those who sustain job-related injuries, the following are crucial tips to safeguard one’s legal rights.

Report the Accident

There’s a given period in which an employee must notify their employer about the workplace accident in order to be eligible for workers’ compensation. As a result, employees should report any workplace accident that they suffer, whether or not they sustain any injuries. Even if the employee is not injured, the accident report may force the employer to execute new safety practices to avert future injury accidents.

Get Medical Treatment Immediately

It’s imperative that the injured employee sees a doctor as soon as possible even if the injury appears minor. Failure to seek medical care immediately after the accident affords the insurance company the opportunity to dispute that the injury isn’t work-related.

Not Taking the Doctor’s Prescription

Adhering to the medical practitioner’s advice following a workplace accident is not only crucial for one’s health, but also for their workers’ compensation claim. In case the medication brings about nasty side effects, let the physician know about this and request for other available alternatives. By ignoring the prescribed medication without the consent of the doctor, the injured party poses serious harm to their health as well as their work comp benefits.

Social Media

Posting pictures of oneself on Facebook and other social media platforms, on holiday or taking part in strenuous activities should be avoided. Such photos may contradict one’s testimony that they sustained serious workplace injuries that had a bad impact on their life.

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