LEED Points Make the Difference

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Business

There is a great difference in the quality of the job performed and the result obtained when LEED points are utilized as quality levels of performance. In addition to the job being performed at its best, there is also the benefit of the standard of quality that is delivered with each system of points that the LEED system grants. Many companies pride their work and the skill level of their employees on the LEED points program. The difference in the projects performed versus those that aren’t adhered to the LEED certification process is definitely noticeable. There is a positive contribution made to the environment with this process and the greater the points, the more substantial the contribution.

The Process

The rates are composed based on a selection of credit groups and within each group, there must be satisfactory terms and conditions that are met in regards to the specified requirements of the various projects. The satisfaction of these requirements help the project to accrue the points needed to become validated under LEED certification. There are various levels of certification and the quantity of points obtained by the project, aligns it with the level it holds in the certification protocol. This is a fair and systematic approach that allows each project the same opportunity to perform at the same level upon completion of the requirements of the LEED system.

The Points Umbrella

There are various dynamics or areas that place the projects in the ranking for the credits that are accrued towards the level they obtain. There is a certain dynamic to encourage the span among abilities or capabilities to involve the different individuals from various teams during the process of pre-design. This isn’t a category that contributes to points but is a process that integrates the masses.  Credits are awarded in the location and transportation arena that recognizes the ease to accessibility of transportation provisions or the development of local sites of convenience. Projects can take advantage of the credits offered for the choice of utilizing materials for building and design that cut down on the waste factor. This is a measure that contributes greatly to the quality of inside air and the exposure to daylight and exterior viewing angles. Numerous other categories are included beneath this umbrella to work towards the development of points. Reducing the impact on positive water systems and the efforts to make sensible use of the water are also components that help to build point value.

LEED Points are essential to increase the LEED certification rating and value. Wolf and Gordon recognizes the value that LEED certified projects has on the outcome of a job.

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