LED Trouble Lights

Doing work in a poorly it area or a particularly difficult spot can be frustrating. If you find yourself working in a difficult spot and need additional lighting, then consider LED trouble lights. LED Trouble lights are hands-free bright lights that can hang anywhere.

The slim design of the housing unit makes it easy to illuminate small, tight spaces. The LED trouble lights are perfect for mechanics, electricians, and plumbers. They are durable, portable, and light-weight. The LED lights contain no filaments so they can handle the bumps and drops that occur when working on a job. The lamps can take a lot of punishment and still operate as normal. In fact, you will find LED trouble lights in almost every workshop.

The electrical and automotive repair areas are not the only industries to use these lights. They are used in construction, forestry, mining, boating, towing, and anywhere extra lighting is needed. Many people just throw them in a toolbox for later use.

Many people use LED lights indoors when working in dark spaces such as under cabinets, in attics, or anywhere there is limited visibility. Outdoors, the LED trouble lights are perfect for working on vehicles.

The LED bulbs produce a high intensity, bright light. The LED bulbs produce approximately 90% less heat than incandescent bulbs, and they are 75% brighter which is why LED is the preferred light source over incandescent.

LED trouble lights provide users with bright light for working on a project without heating the work area. The slim design of the light housing unit makes it easy to illuminate small, tight spaces.

Some LED trouble lights are available on a flexible tubing to allow the light to bend. They come with an easy to hold housing unit and a power cord or battery pack.