There are a plethora of education boards in India, such as the Secondary School Certificate or SSC, Indian Certificate for Secondary Education or ICSE and many more, to enrol the child into. However, the IGCSE board is gaining popularity these days. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is perceived as a globally known qualification. Considering the fact that the board is of international standards, the syllabus is vast and extensive with a high level of difficulty.

Many students find it tough to understand the concepts of various topics taught in the school in a classroom environment. So, it has become a trend to appoint IGCSE home tuitions in Mumbai rather than getting the child enrolled for a coaching class. IGCSE has a vast range of subjects for which the child needs to prepare thoroughly to marvel in academics. There are numerous oral and listening assessment tests besides the regular written examinations for the overall development of the child. This puts the students under extreme pressure to perform. In school and classroom environment, the teacher is not able to focus on the problems of a single student. Thus, home tuitions are necessary to make the child understand every concept of a topic very clearly which lays the foundation for the future.

There are several positives of home tuitions especially for IGCSE board where the portion is vast and have several assessments to be cleared. These positives can be listed as:

  • Flexibility –

The flexibility of having home tuitions is that one can get the convenience of time and place. The students can learn at their comfort with the home tutoring.

  • Positive environment –

Many students are not confident to ask questions in the competitive classroom setting of schools or coaching classes. Home tutors create a positive and encouraging environment for the student to ask and solve their doubts freely which paves the way for better learning.

  • Personalised attention and feedback to parents –

The home tutor focuses on a single child and makes learning easier for the child by teaching according to the student’s grasping power and understanding levels. Additionally, parents can easily get accurate feedback from the home tutor about their child’s performance.

Moreover, there are fewer distractions for the student, allowing the student to concentrate on studies.

Thus, with all the advantages it is beneficial to appoint an IGCSE home tuition in Mumbai for the child wherein the home tutor is capable of improving the child’s academic score and performance and also boost confidence within the child.