Landscaping Services in Manchester, NH Include Asphalting Walkways

While most people think of landscaping in terms of greening a lawn or adding shrubbery, you also have to consider the driveway and walkways. By applying asphalt to walks and drives, you will improve your yard’s appearance and keep it looking that way.

Therefore, landscaping services in Manchester, NH also include paving walkways and driveways. When you include an asphalt walkway in the design of your landscape, you will also protect the grass. This is especially helpful if you are fertilizing your lawn or wish to keep it looking lush and green.

Including a Walkway in Your Landscape’s Design

When landscaping services include an application of asphalt, you can also design your walkway or drive into any configuration. For instance, you may want to feature a curved drive or walking path or you may want to display a straight walkway. You can add asphalt walks that lead to your front door or permit access to a pool or garden space.

That is why you want to make asphalting a part of your landscaping services, which also include sealcoating. When you sealcoat an asphalt drive or walkway, you lengthen its durability and life. A driveway sealant, for example, can be added to prevent ice, salt, car fluids, or water from eroding a paving surface.

Asphalt Resurfacing

You might also consider asphalt resurfacing to give your driveway a facelift. This type of service can make your old asphalt driveway look brand-new. To benefit from this service option, your existing driveway should be in good shape and provide a solid and supportive foundation. This type of service option, when compared to paving, can save you a good deal of money.

Regardless of your paving, resurfacing, or sealcoating needs, you can enhance the looks of your landscape and yard by concentrating on the driveway and walkways as well. You will find that good things begin to “surface” when you contact asphalt professionals such as American Asphalt Paving. Contact the company American Asphalt Paving by phone at (603) 232-0458 in Hooksett, New Hampshire today. Connect with them on Facebook for more updates!