Kitchen Countertop Shopping Guide

With plenty of types available, shopping for kitchen countertops in San Antonio can be a bit of an undertaking. Don’t have a clue what to do or where to start? Read on for a handy guide.

Know your options

You can go for granite, marble, limestone, and soapstone. There are also engineered stone countertops with greater durability and easy to maintain. Check out concrete countertops, wood countertops, and laminate as well.

Consider your lifestyle

Before you put in money on that white granite, you’ll want to assess the way you live. Do you have kids? If you’re always preparing sandwiches and not much else, then it may be prudent to go with laminate instead of granite.

Do the math

Set a budget, Martha Stewart says. That’s going to influence a lot of your decisions when you shop for kitchen countertops in San Antonio. Whether you want something a bit pricey or affordable, you won’t have problems choosing countertops that fit your budget.

Pick a style

There are plenty of styles and designs you can go for. Some countertops instantly add a bit of warmth to your kitchen space. Some create that urban, sophisticated vibe and feel. Before you pick a style, though, make sure it works well with the rest of your kitchen interiors. If you have wooden kitchen cabinets, do they work well with your laminate countertops or do you want to try for wooden countertops as well? Figure it out. Talk to your contractor for tips and advice.

Mix and match

Pick different materials for your kitchen island and the rest of your countertop. That’s a good way to plan your space. You could also inset another material into the countertop for specific tasks. For instance, put in a butcher block to make it easier to chop up food when you prepare meals.