Key Factors When Selecting Hydraulic Rock Drills

For small drilling companies just getting started or for any size established drilling service, having the best parts and components to use for any job will be a crucial consideration. Finding the best in hydraulic rock drills will extend the life of the drill, lower the cost per foot of drilling for the company as well as allow for flexibility in your drilling operations.

Not all hydraulic rock drills offer all of these features and important factors. Taking the time to research and get to know the options available is a great starting point. With just a bit of insight into the company and their reputation in the industry, it won’t be a challenge to find the ideal drill for specific applications or for general use.

Customized Features

There are companies that make drills tailored to your specific requirements. These companies offer the greatest flexibility for your specific type of equipment, drilling requirements as well as optional features.

The one drawback in working with some companies that offer customized drill manufacturing is the long lead time required. However, this is not all across the industry with some companies specializing in very short lead times of two weeks, with the advantages of customized designs.

Ability to Use Multiple Drills

When choosing hydraulic rock drills, look for manufacturers that provide drifters and heads that can be interchanged on the same drill. This is an effective cost-savings consideration for the company, plus there is limited downtime when drilling requirements change on a work site or to complete multiple drilling operations.

Company Installation and Support

Look for a company that offers a focus on customer support and satisfaction. These are typically the smaller companies that have their own line of rock drills and equipment. This focus on quality control and customer service can include the company delivering and installing the drill, also providing immediate answers to questions to ensure your operators are fully informed as to best practices with the equipment.