Keeping Your Furry Friend – a Benefit of Aging in Place

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Health

When it comes to staying in your own home rather than aging in a nursing or retirement home, there are many motivations for making this deeply personal choice. However, one that isn’t widely considered by most is the advantage of being able to remain in the home with pets.

Why is this important and how can it benefit seniors who remain in the home with their four-legged friends? Here’s what you need to know about aging in place with pets:

Unofficial Therapy Animals

Even if pets are not registered therapy animals, they all provide some degree of emotional support to their owners. Often, the golden years of life are a time of unrest, so to have that extra stability and support in the form of the unwavering devotion of a pet can be very grounding. It is one of many reasons why seniors keep pets – and a reason why they choose to remain in their own homes with them.

Protection and Safety

Some seniors feel safer having their pets in the home. Dogs can warn of knocks at the door that some might not hear or bark at unfamiliar intruders on the property. Cats can provide a feeling of companionship and keep seniors from feeling alone. Whichever type of pet a person has, keeping them in the home can give them a reason to get up in the morning – and help them feel safe and secure in their home late at the night.

Aging in Place to Remain with Beloved Pet

Pets can provide numerous health and wellness benefits to owners, but seniors can’t stay with them in most retirement homes or nursing facilities. This is one of the reasons why so many seniors choose to age in place – living out their golden years in the comfort of their own homes. If they need medical assistance or support, they can hire in-home caregivers or nurses so that they can remain with their furry friends forever. For more information and help with senior care in Chevy Chase, MD, contact the experts at Capital City Nurses.

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