Keeping Wood Fences in Woodbury MN In The Best Of Condition

When someone has wood Fences in Woodbury MN placed on their property, they will most likely enjoy the attractive enhancement they provide. Keeping a wood fence looking like new for as long as possible is usually desired. Here are some simple maintenance steps that will aid in keeping wood fencing in the best of the condition.

Do Routine Cleaning Of The Wood

Cleaning wood fencing is necessary to keep it looking sharp. This can be done with a garden hose and an appropriate wood cleaning agent. While a pressure washer could be used, it is risky as the impact of the water could strip the wood’s finish or cause splintering. Washing the fence by hand is another option that will remove debris without causing any potential damage to the boards.

Hire Someone To Stain Or Paint Wood Yearly

Most people will add a protective coating to wood fencing to aid in keeping it from fading or becoming damaged from excessive moisture. If stain or paint is used on wood boards, a touch-up will be necessary each year to keep the fence looking like new. A sealant can also be added to fencing to protect added coloring. At the time of a routine coloring session, ask the contractor to make any necessary repairs to wood beforehand.

Take Precautions If Pets Will Be Contained

Many families use wood fencing to contain pets in their yards. If this is the case, precautions should be taken to keep the interior side from becoming damaged. Pieces of metal can be positioned along the bottom portion of the interior of the fence to keep pets from scratching or biting the wood boards the fencing is constructed from. If a pet does not show interest in the fencing, the pieces can be removed and the pet can be observed.

When there is a desire to have wood Fences in Woodbury MN installed, calling the right service to do the job is a must. Learn more about us by browsing our website. An appointment can then be made to do an evaluation of the property and to discuss the pricing options available when installing a fence.