Keeping the Classics Fresh and Modern

Music is something that soothes the soul and reminds most of us of a simpler time. For many of us, once we hear a sound or genre of music that touches us, we will always be a fan. Classic jazz is one of those genres. Those who love the emotion and smooth sounds often find themselves seeking out new music and new artists to follow. Some of these new artists, such as Sylvia Brooks, take the legacy left by classic female jazz singers such as Ella Fitzgerald and incorporate new sounds to arrange music for today’s new and old jazz fans. This form of incorporating both the classic and modern feel of jazz is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after music genres in the industry.

Singers to Watch
Whether you are a fan of the smooth sounds of a saxophone or the heartfelt lyrics that are associated with classic jazz, then many of today’s jazz vocalists have much to offer you. Taking all aspects, you love, from the greats like the undeniable voice that was Billie Holiday to the unique sound of greats like Louis Armstrong and incorporating them with some of today’s favorite arrangements gives today’s artists a new niche to invite music lovers into. An artist who has roots in many forms of music has the ability to show you more of themselves, and their love of music, by offering you something different that still gives props to the classics we all love. Singers such as Sylvia Brooks do this with ease. Her incorporation of Cuban music from her childhood and love of other genres mingles perfectly with her classic jazz feel.

Checking Out Something New
Finding music you love is easier than you may think. If you are a fan of classic female jazz singers, then Sylvia Brooks is an artist you need to add to your collection.