Keeping Bed Bugs Out of Your Mattress

If you have ever had to deal with bed bugs in your home, you know just how difficult it can be to get rid of them for good. Just when you think you have taken care of the problem you find another one of those pesky little guys in a nook or cranny. One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to bed bugs is that people think they must get rid of their mattresses once they are infested in bed bugs. Discarding your box spring and mattress rarely ever solves the problem because the bugs have already made their home in your carpet and furniture. Purchasing a mattress cover for bed bugs is a much better option than throwing your mattress out.

Discarding Your Mattress

Just because you feel that it is absolutely necessary is no reason to get rid of your bed. If you have the financial means to purchase a new bed and protect it with a mattress cover, then this is a viable option for you. Getting rid of your bed will get rid of the majority of the bugs in your home so if you have the means to do so, then go ahead and get rid of your bed. However, it is very important to take certain precautions when getting rid of your mattress and box spring. If you are throwing your bed away make sure it is protected in plastic so no one else becomes infected with the bed bugs unsuspectedly.

Bed Bug Treatments

There are pesticides that are available to help get rid of the bed bugs in your home. You can purchase products over-the-counter or hire an exterminator to take care of the problem for you. Once pesticides have been used inside the home you will want to make sure that all of your bedding is covered with mattress covers just in case there are any leftover bugs in the home. You do not want to take the chance of the bed bugs burrowing themselves back into your mattress causing you more money and even more of a hassle.


Using mattress covers to keep bed bugs out of your mattress and box spring is the best way to go, especially after your home has been treated. Taking the proper precautions in keeping bed bugs out of your home can make all the difference when keeping them out of your home for good is your number one priority.

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