Keeping an eye out for Small Business Social Media Marketing Opportunities

Social media has become a must for small businesses looking for ways to reach their customers. There are many lesser known social media tools that companies can be using to consolidate their efforts and reach a broader audience. Small business social media marketing can remain in better contact with their customers by keeping up on interesting new arrivals such as these:

  • Location Based: Location based apps and social media are helping local customers find local business. A good example is which helps consumers find brick and mortar locations that are within their own neighborhoods and also allows you to see what is being said about your business on one handy site. You can use their free service or subscribe to different levels of features as you see fit.
  • Twitter Assistance: You are probably using Twitter to stay in constant contact with customers and to find new ones. With Social.Centiv you can find the customers you want to attract to your business on Twitter. They use targeted metrics to allow businesses to search for customers who are seeking information in their area of expertise based on their personal posts. It is a paid for service but does offer a free trial period so you can give it a try. is also a Twitter based service and in this case their focus is providing a search engine to see what is trending on Twitter so you can understand what is hot and what is not. gShift is another Twitter expert that uses analytics software to provide the info you need to produce engaging, trend setting posts on Twitter. The software is available at a fee and will help businesses become Twitter gurus.
  • Social Media Merging: If you are using a number of social media sites it can be difficult to stay on top of things. There are a number of apps, sites and software that can help you manage all of your social media efforts. Sparksfly is an app that lets you target consumers so you can talk to them in a meaningful way based on their user habits. Yodle helps you automatically update you Facebook pages to automate your efforts. Sociota assists with multiple accounts and allows you to manage and monitor each site using their platform designed to integrate multiple accounts with analytics and real time management features for a small fee.

There really are endless new platforms and software popping up each day. Each one offers a new twist on how you can manage social media more effectively without requiring as much effort or wasting your time.

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