Keep Your Pool Healthy and Safe with Pool Maintenance in Houston

Having a swimming pool isn’t just about splashing and soaking every day. The reality is that a swimming pool requires Pool Maintenance in Houston every day, week, and month. The following is a brief outline of swimming pool maintenance requirements:

  • Debris Removal -; Removal of leaves and other debris was blown into the pool should be performed daily. Use a net on a long pole, called a skimmer, to remove leaves, dirt, sticks, and such that get carried into the pool by the wind. Areas of dirt that settle to the bottom should be brushed to allow easy pick up by the vacuum.
  • Algae Removal -; Preventing algae is preferable to having to eliminate it; therefore, using an algaecide product along with a clarifier (to prevent cloudiness) will keep algae at bay. Weekly additions of these products satisfy this aspect of pool maintenance.
  • Chemical Levels -; A critical aspect of Pool Maintenance in Houston is sanitizing the pool water. Both freshwater and saltwater pools depend on chlorine to sanitize the water and keep it free of harmful bacteria. The difference is that saltwater pools generate their own chlorine. Another important factor to keep balanced is the pool’s pH level. pH is a measurement of a liquid’s acidity and alkalinity, too high either way causes eye and skin irritation. The ideal pH level for pool water is between 7.2 and 7.7 (neutral) and should be checked twice weekly.
  • Keep It Covered -; Keeping the pool closed when not in use will slow down the evaporation rate of both the water and the chemicals, thus reducing the number of chemicals added. It also significantly reduces the time spent skimming the water’s surface of debris by preventing them from entering in the first place.
  • Keep a Maintenance Log -; It is helpful to keep a log of your pool maintenance routine including tracking chemicals added, when and how much of each, pH levels, and when filters have been replaced and checked.

Fortunately maintaining a swimming pool is pretty straight-forward and easily handled with the biggest obstacle being not having enough time. Lack of time leads to cutting corners which lead to poor pool maintenance. An ideal solution is to hire a professional pool maintenance company like Cryer Pools. Having a professional service handle these tasks for you leaves you with more time to enjoy your investment while having peace of mind knowing everything is cared for.