Keep Your Family Comfortable With Heating and Cooling in Oregon City

With all our advances in technology, there are many ways to heat and cool our homes today. The simplest of these are portable devices such as stand alone electric heaters and window based air conditioners. However, as many of the owners of these devices can attest, they are noisy to use and expensive to operate. Plus, they rarely give the room an even temperature like a home based Heating and Cooling System Oregon City. These home units are typically called an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system in the industry and often called central air or forced air units by everyone else.

HVAC’s are typically a two cabinet system. There is a condensing unit outside for the air conditioner and an inside cabinet that houses the furnace and blower. The a/c works by condensing or compressing the refrigerant outside the home and pumping it through a series of coils. As the coolant cycles through the pipes, it enters a coil inside an air exchange in the inner cabinet. This coil collects the warm air that surrounds it and transfers it to the refrigerant where it is carried outside. The resultant cooled air is circulated through the home by the interior blower system. Once that warmed coolant reaches the outer cabinet, it is circulated through another coil to release the heat into the atmosphere.

For most homeowners, Heating and cooling service Oregon City is a matter of selecting the brand you want at the size your home requires. The professionals at companies like Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services. can easily help you calculate the system to suit your environment and quickly install it.

The indoor furnace will be one of two types depending on your home’s design. All electric homes will use an electric based furnace that heats the air inside in the air exchange, so it can be transferred to the home. The gas based versions are a bit more complex. Gas furnaces operate on natural gas or propane and burn the fuel in a separate chamber, so the exhaust fumes don’t get back into the house. The heat is then picked up in the air exchange and circulated via the blower system.

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