Join Us for Spiritual Retreats

When your daily life is filled with household tasks, errands,

work and other obligations, you might find that your spiritual side suffers. You may feel ill at

ease with yourself. Some people feel a sense of being unsettled, anxious or nervous, and they do

not know why. A spiritual retreat might be just what you need in order to take a break from

everything else and find the time to reconnect with yourself.

Our retreat center in Sedona is located on 173 beautifully landscaped acres. The property is

surrounded by a desert landscape and many places of note to different Native American cultures.

We have created a welcoming environment in which there are few distractions. We encourage all of

our guests to leave their electronic devices behind. If you have a smartphone, we suggest

powering it down and keeping your online interactions to a minimum. Let your friends or family

know that you have arrived safely, then tuck your phone away until the conclusion of the


We offer individual and group meditation sessions. Mindfulness exercises are another important

part of our spiritual guidance. Another part of what we do relates to imagery. From deep

breathing to walks outside, you will be able to focus on the present moment. This clears your

conscience so that you can move forward on your journey.

Reconnect with yourself and your spiritual side at our spiritual journey retreat. We lead you

through different reflection exercises, mindfulness practices and meditations that are designed

to help you advance in your spiritual journey. Contact us at Sedona Mago Retreat Center today

for more information or to reserve your spot in one of our retreat sessions. you may also visit

us online at Website to learn more about the spiritual journey retreat

programs that we have to offer.