It’s a Snow Day! 4 Tips for Winterizing Your North Carolina Home

Heating and cooling in Cary, NC, are both important. However, you should be extra diligent during the winter months since cold weather can impact everything from your pipes to your ducts. Here are just a few useful tips for winterizing your home.

1. Get an Inspection

A well-running HVAC system is essential for a cozy and comfortable winter. Call in the professionals to replace your filters, rattle your furnace, and check your pumps and exhaust pipes.

2. Seal the Cracks

It’s easy for a draft to undermine the hard work of your heating system. Go around your home and look for cracks, gaps, and other entry points in your walls and windows. Seal them up with caulk, foam, insulation, weather stripping, or other barriers.

3. Clear Away the Ice

Ice isn’t just an eyesore; it can become a legitimate health hazard. You’d be surprised to learn the number of homeowners who are injured each year by falling icicles or slippery driveways. Another danger of accumulated ice is that it can stop up vents, gutters, and other areas around your home exterior where circulation is essential.

4. Protect Your Pipes

If temperatures drop below freezing, your pipes will need some extra attention. You might want to keep them dripping or open their cabinet doors to ensure that warm air is always flowing around them.

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s worth the effort of prepping your home for snow, sleet, ice, and other wintertime hazards. Contact professionals in heating and cooling in Cary, NC, by reaching out to Any Day Heating & Cooling.