Is Your Retirement Plan Doable?

Working with a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) is an effective way to plan for your retirement. Matt Dixon is an RFC providing services to clients in and around Greenville, SC. Through one-on-one confidential retirement planning, he helps individuals and couples to create doable and effective retirement savings plans.


Perhaps the biggest mistake Matt Dixon hears from clients is underestimating the amount of savings they will require for their future. This is often a case of people in Greenville, SC, using simple online calculators that are only designed to provide general information.

Working one-on-one with Matt Dixon allows for a complete understanding of your current and future financial goals. This includes factoring in the cost of living changes in the years to come, as well as the additional costs for medical expenses as people age.

Realistic Planning

Another common reason people fail to reach their retirement planning goals is setting unrealistic and unreasonable plans. It is important to have enough to enjoy life today and to have emergency funds should you have an unexpected situation. Failing to do this and putting everything in retirement often leads to the temptation of dipping into your retirement funds. This is a costly mistake in interest, penalties, and fees, and most people fail to recover these losses, setting back their potential retirement date.

Booking a consultation with a Registered Financial Consultant is the best way to ensure your retirement plan is sufficient, maximized, and doable. An hour or so of your time every year will help you avoid common mistakes found with do-it-yourself retirement planning.