Is Substance Abuse Treatment for You? Get Help Now in Minneapolis

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Mental Health

Acknowledging that you have an addiction problem is the first step to sobriety. However, once you’ve taken that initial leap, you may be left floundering if you try to do it all alone. Substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis the next step for many because it helps you learn more about addiction and how it affects you. Minneapolis residents who seek help may be more likely to stay away from drugs in the future and may have fewer relapses, as well.


In most cases, you will still be using drugs or alcohol when you decide to stop. Most doctors and healthcare professionals recommend that you get a medical detox in a hospital (as an in-patient). It is safer to be surrounded by professionals who can help if you have a seizure or other ill effects from withdrawal. Sometimes, the rehab center offers this option, though some will have you detox first before being admitted to their programs.


Substance abuse treatment cannot be complete (in most cases) without therapy sessions. In most cases, you will meet with a counselor individually or in a group to discuss issues relating to addiction. The goal is for Minneapolis residents to talk about triggers and other pertinent information so that they can overcome the desire and need to use drugs. Therapy sessions can range from six to 12 weeks and may be once or twice a week, depending on where you are with your treatments. Likewise, you may also get help for two or more issues, such as addiction and a mental health concern.

Substance abuse treatment can help you stay sober longer and live life to the fullest. Visit Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc. in Minneapolis to get started today.

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