Is it Time to Call Your Car Brake Repair Service in Oklahoma City?

Whether you drive yourself to work every day, carpool, or are taking the family on a trip, nothing is more important than your vehicle’s brakes. If you cannot stop properly, all kinds of bad things can happen, and brake service is one thing you should never skimp on or put off until later. But how can you tell you might have a brake issue, and it is time to contact your car brake repair service in Oklahoma City? Here are some tips to help.

Low Brake Pedal

Your brake pedal should not touch the floor. In fact, if you cannot place your toe under the pedal, it is too low, and something is wrong with the braking system. A low pedal can be caused by worn brake linings or low levels of hydraulic fluid.

Funny Feeling Pedal

If your brake pedal has a spongy feel to it, you should contact your car brake repair service in Oklahoma City as soon as possible. A spongy brake action usually means you have air in the hydraulic lines. This is often caused by fluid leaks or bad seals in the master cylinder, calipers, or brake cylinders.

Uneven Braking

Does your car pull to one side when you apply the brakes? This may be a result of uneven wear on brake pads. For example, the left side may have much more wear than the right.

Squeaking Noises

Many brake pads today have wear sensors. When pads become worn down too far, a soft metal tab makes contact with the rotor, creating a high pitch squeal when you put on the brakes. Other noises like clunking or grinding means it is time to go to your car brake repair service in Oklahoma City. Your tire and brake shop has trained and certified technicians to safely take care of your needs.