Is it Time for a Pool Liner Replacement in Peachtree City, GA?

Pool liner replacement in Peachtree City, GA, isn’t cheap. It’s going to hit you hard in the wallet. As a result, most pool owners are unwilling to replace them. On the other hand, Leaky liners can cause additional damage to the pool over time, resulting in considerably more severe and costly repairs.

We’ll talk about how to identify whether it’s time to repair your pool liner today.

Unexplained Water Loss

The water’s surface may hide some cracks and rips. If pool liners are more than ten years old, you should watch how much water it loses.

Simple tests can show if your pool is getting rid of water because of leaks. If your pool has steps, put a bucket on them and fill it with water to the same level as your pool. This way, you can determine if your pool is losing more water than just through evaporation. You can also see if the pool is losing water in ways that aren’t just evaporation.

Cracked or Ripped Liners

A sign indicating that a Pool Liner Replacement In Peachtree City, GA, is necessary is when it begins to crack or rip. A combination of sunlight and pool chemicals makes vinyl pool liners break down over time. These chemicals help keep the water clean and safe to swim in.

This could make the vinyl hard. Liners will start to break and tear more easily when they become brittle. This will cause water to leak from the pool, so it needs to be cleaned more often. UV damage is most common at the water’s surface, so these types of cracks are more likely to form.