Is a Vertical Crack Worse Than a Horizontal Crack in a Concrete Foundation Repair?

A foundation crack has the potential to be the first symptom of incredible damage behind and within the foundation. That small crack could hint at a $100,000 repair for some situations and home types.

Fortunately, that is unlikely. A Concrete Foundation Repair specialist will use advanced tools to screen the area and see the progress of the damage. A call to a foundation specialist is usually done after finding a crack. Cracks in the basement are either vertical or horizontal and maybe a mix of the two). Is a vertical crack worse than a horizontal crack? Aside from what it looks like, is there a difference at all?

Vertical cracks usually derive from a modular home that is separating from a point higher up in the foundation. Professionals may use elevated slabs and slab jacking to support the area and get the foundation held up.

Horizontal cracks usually occur because of weight being pressed from above. The infrastructure is weakening, and that is causing the basement and foundation to crumple at the weight. Fortunately, horizontal cracks are typically more manageable than vertical cracks. If caught early (and with a bit of luck), additional support can reduce the shrinkage.

Both vertical and horizontal cracks in a basement can be reinforced with steel. A foundation specialist will create rivets to the foundation, and begin adding steel reinforcement to act as an additional barrier and support. The steel will be extra useful in horizontal cracking, where the damage is likely caused by slow pressing and weakening of the concrete. Vertical cracks, on the other hand, suggest a different strategy. The specialist may focus their reinforcement in a very specific area, instead of adding equal support throughout the foundation.

Ultimately, whether a crack is moving up or moving horizontally makes little difference. Some experts claim that an upward momentum crack is more nefarious because it suggests a strong prong break in the middle. The larger concerns are the length of the crack, the thickness, and what kind of strain it is placing on the foundation. The presence of water is also a major contributing factor for how bad the damage is. Toledo Basement Repair is necessary for any kind of crack over a foot long and getting worse. You can like them on Facebook.