Interesting Facts about Cremation in Renton, WA

Just a quarter of a century ago, the topic of cremation was still one that was somewhat taboo. As a result, many people didn’t consider it an option when choosing their loved one’s final resting place. However, today, Cremation in Renton Wa is a much more widely accepted and, in some cases, preferred option over burial. When a person is considering which option is right for their loved one, knowing some facts about cremation and the process can be helpful.

The Beginning of Cremation in the U.S.

The first crematory wasn’t built in the U.S. until 1876. It was constructed in Washington, Pennsylvania, by Dr. Julius LeMoyne. Only three years prior to that, the first chamber was built in Italy. After the construction of the first chamber in Pennsylvania, eight years passed before another one would open in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Important Removals before Cremation

Before any activity could begin with the cremation, any implants and pacemakers in the deceased individual have to be removed. This is because a pacemaker includes lithium batteries, which explode in the presence of intense heat, and that could cause serious damage to the chamber. Implants must also be removed because, if they aren’t, the implants could stick to the cremains.

It’s Heat, Not Flames

There are many people who believe that Cremation in Renton Wa focuses on the flames engulfing the container or casket. However, today’s version of these chambers focuses on intense heat, which can reach more than 2,000 degrees. This results in the cremains (ashes), but any remaining bone fragments will have to be pressed into a fine powder.

Not Everything will Burn

During cremation, the body is turned into ash, however, there are several things that don’t burn. Some of these items include prostheses, screws, metal plates, gold teeth fillings and, in some situations, surgical scissors.

When a loved one passes away, there are a number of important decisions that have to be made. If a person wants to choose cremation, it is an option that is extremely popular and accepted today. Being informed is the best way to know if burial or cremation is the best option.