Interactive Learning: What It Has to Offer the Modern Worker

Learning doesn’t stop once you graduate college, as attractive a fantasy as it may appear when you’re finally out of the clutches of the American school system. When you get a new job, you’ll have to learn how to do that job. Some companies will sit you in front of a slideshow, but others will actually give you hands on interactive learning solutions, letting you figure it out by playing with the job’s proverbial toys and figuring everything out. Obviously, one is more effective than the other, but why is this?

Hands-on Experience

Nothing will train a cashier at a restaurant how your system works better than letting them into your system and walking them through it with the machine sitting right in front of them. It helps them understand the intricacies of the job they must do better than any lecture or slideshow possibly could. They can walk themselves through the job and figure out for themselves what all of the functions are and what will be expected of them. This hands-on experience is vital for any starting employee.

Saves Money

It is significantly cheaper to have someone there to tell the trainee how everything works while they’re in front of the actual duties they will be performing on the job, than it is to get someone to rent out a space in the building, set up a slideshow and pay for seating, all for training that is simply not nearly as effective as the former. Interactive learning solutions provide better understanding of the material for half the price of trying to tell them how everything works.

Ensures Retention of Information

The fact is humans learn faster by doing, rather than being told. We are creatures that operate on trial and error, trying something and making mistakes until we get it right. Not everyone is like this, but on average, this is the way the human mind operates, needing to directly confront the material. For instance, training someone to work a desk job on a computer requires an understanding of various programs.  If you want someone to fully understand what they’re going to be doing, why wouldn’t you sit the person down in front of a computer and show them what will be expected? This method of interactive learning solutions is guaranteed to be better at getting the trainee to retain the information presented to them.

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