Insurance Company in Hialeah, FL Talks About Storm Damage Claims

by | Aug 16, 2023 | Insurance Agency

No matter where you live, a big storm could damage your house. You can’t change the weather, which is too bad. But you can decide how to keep yourself safe when something unexpected happens.

Homeowners’ insurance gives you peace of mind when a storm hits and your house sustains expensive damage. Although it doesn’t always apply, an insurance company in Hialeah, FL says that coverage usually applies for some common storm issues.

Wind and Hail

Is homeowners’ insurance going to cover wind damage? Usually, the response from an insurance service is yes. Hail falls into the same category. Therefore, your insurance most certainly covers it if powerful winds tear shingles off your roof or bring a tree falling into your living room. You’re probably protected if wind damage results in water damage inside your house.


Any fire, smoke, or power surge damage that results from a lightning strike on your house or another structure on your property is frequently covered by your home insurance, according to the experts at companies such as Del Toro Insurance. The likelihood of this being covered by your policy is if it is sudden and unintended harm. Damage that develops gradually is typically disregarded.

Roof Damage

If your roof gets damaged or leaks during a storm, your home insurance will cover the damage and any damage to the inside of your home as long as a covered hazard causes it. But your claim with your insurance company in Hialeah, FL is likely to be rejected if it was caused by something not covered by your coverage, such as poor upkeep. Damage caused by water is unlikely to be covered unless you have separate flood insurance or a flood insurance certificate.

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