Installing Pipelines: Know About the Different Types and Their Uses

The basic function of a pipeline is to transport oils or other fluids through the ground. In most cases, the average pipeline is just one of many in a well-planned distribution network. These networks can span tens of thousands of miles in some cases. Yet, there are various types of pipeline structures, each with its own purpose. Learn about the different types and how they are used in real-world settings.

Liquid and Gas

There are two main classes for pipelines: liquid and natural gas. The former is mainly used in the transport of crude oil. However, they may also be used to move natural gas while it is in a liquid state. Gasoline may also be distributed through pipelines designed to handle liquids.

Most people are probably more familiar with natural gas pipelines. These lines deliver natural gas to residential areas. They may also extend directly into the home to provide a source of gas. Some are connected to industrial plants that require the use of natural gas.

Other Types of Pipelines

There are many other types of pipelines that act as subcategories to the two main types. Distribution pipelines are used in natural gas applications. Pipeline companies in Alberta may construct these in a diameter up to 15 centimeters. Their intended purpose is to transport natural gas to businesses or homes.

The remaining types of pipelines are much more versatile. They can transport gas, liquid or oil. Transmission lines are usually the largest. They can be built with a diameter that exceeds one meter. These pipelines are used for long distance transport. Feeder pipelines connect into transmission pipelines and provide liquids or oils from processing plants.

Gathering lines are often used for short distance transportation. Generally, these pipelines move products from wells over a short distance to other locations. A pipeline company in Alberta can assist in building each type of pipeline.

Pipelines Are Everywhere

Historically, there have been many concerns over the presence of pipelines in certain areas. However, these pipelines provide much-needed support to society in several ways. Pipeline companies in Alberta can recommend the right pipeline for your need.