Information You Need to Know About Acquiring an Apostille

Regardless of whether you are traveling abroad or moving to another country, there are a number of documents required. These documents will commonly be used to verify who you are or even what you do for a living. Most people think credentials issued by a department of the United States government will be accepted without problems in any country, but this is not the case. In order to verify the legitimacy of these types of papers in a foreign country, you will need to acquire an Apostille from the Secretary of State. Here is some of the information you need to know about acquiring this seal of authenticity.

The Purpose of an Apostille

The main thing most people want to know about an Apostille from the Secretary of State is why it is necessary. This seal verifies the document in question was legally and properly obtained. With this seal, your important documents will be automatically accepted in other countries. This will help you avoid the long waiting process that occurs when documents have to be verified manually by foreign governments. Getting this seal will allow you to perform legal and business transactions abroad easily and without restrictions.

Will All Countries Accept an Apostille?

Another question most people have regarding this process is whether every country accepts an Apostille from the Secretary of State. The short answer to this question is no. Many of the countries that aren’t members of the Hague Convention will not recognize this seal. In countries like this, you will have to go to the American Embassy there to get the credentials in question verified.

In order to get this seal on your important papers, use a reputable service with experience. Spending some time researching the various companies that do this type of work will help you make the right decision with ease.

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