Information To Provide To A Personal Injury Attorney In St. Petersburg, FL

After any type of injury from a dog bite, slip and fall, to a vehicle accident, it is normal to think that the person or parties at fault will do the right thing in offering a fair settlement. Sometimes you get lucky but more often than not, the party at fault will be resistant to offering a fair settlement. If you are a St. Petersburg, FL resident and you find yourself in this situation, you may want to reach out to personal injury lawyer near you.

The first meeting with a personal injury attorney is typically a confidential and free case evaluation or case consultation. This allows the attorney to have a general idea of your case and to assess the strengths and weaknesses based on that information.

Most attorneys practicing personal injury cases do not charge their clients; rather they are paid only if the client is successful in collecting. The attorneys need to review the case details to evaluate the merits of the case as well as the attorney’s ability to provide the best possible representation.

What to Bring

It is a good idea to bring all documentation you have about the injury case to your first meeting with the personal injury attorney. You may not have full medical records, but bring any receipts, discharge forms or proof of medical treatment stemming from the specific injury.

If there are police reports available, any paperwork sent by the insurance companies or any settlement offers, bring those as well. Pictures you may have of the accident can be printed out or emailed to the attorney prior to the meeting if requested.

In addition, have your insurance information with you when you make your first visit to the personal injury attorney. Many people find it helpful to write down a narrative of how the accident or injury occurred. This documentation can be very helpful for the St. Petersburg, FL attorney as well.