Information That Is Included in a Student Apartment Tenancy Agreement

If you are thinking about renting student apartments in Tallahassee, you may wonder what is included in the tenancy agreement. It is important to read the agreement carefully before signing the document. Here are a few things you should expect.

Make sure you fully understand the details regarding how long you will be renting the apartment, how much you will pay each month, and costs you will be responsible for associated with deposits and other fees. You should fully understand what is included in the rent. With student apartments in Tallahassee, it is common for the landlord to cover the Internet, electricity, and water. Find out if there are fees that you will have to pay for parking, garbage, and storage.

Student housing is unique in that students do not always spend a full 12 months in the apartment. Make sure you understand what will happen with your apartment during the summer months. Some landlords ask that their tenants leave during the summer months with the goal of performing maintenance. Some landlords will only charge half the month’s rent. Students can go on vacation and still secure their apartment with this arrangement.

You will likely need a guarantor to sign the lease with you if this is your first time renting an apartment. It is common for this individual to be a parent. This is not an option to bail you out. It is a guarantee to the landlord that the rent will be paid.

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