Industries And Uses For A Mist System

If you have ever driven by a construction site, you can see the dust rise up in droves. The same applies at garbage reception areas, although dust is replaced by food particles and odors. On many workshop floors and in warehouses, the dust always rises. In such cases, the materials that take to the air can prove dangerous to the health and well-being of workers. A simple solution – a mist system, can make these potential problems a non-issue.

Industries and the Mist System

Industries are turning to a mist system as a means of reducing the potential for employee hazards. It is also one means of meeting their legal obligations to provide a comfortable and safe work environment for their employees. The fact that this system is less expensive than other forms of cooling systems is an extra benefit.

In fact, industries of all types have discovered that a mist system can be beneficial in more than the obvious means. According to the data, this form of cooling:

  • Acts to decrease the level of humidity making the workplace cooler and preserving he quality of certain sensitive products
  • Supplies evaporative cooling
  • Plays the role of dust suppressive
  • Restrains static
  • Disinfects specialized equipment
  • Prevents equipment degradation resulting from dust
  • Provides the optimum conditions for operating machinery
  • Reduces the chances of contamination
  • Restricts or reduces the exposure of employees and products to toxic or noxious gases
  • Can eliminate certain offensive smells
  • Upholds the set standards provided by the government for the health, purity, quality and safety of products
  • Adheres to the standards put into place by the government concerning risks that may negatively affect the health and safety of employees

When all this is taken into consideration, a mist system becomes a multi-purpose, multi-tasking tool for many industries.

Industries that Use a Mist System

Due to its versatility and benefits, the mist system has made its home in various prominent manufacturing concerns as well as commercial ventures. Although the list is still growing, the following have made misting an integral part of their operating systems.

  • Ammunition and Gun Factories
  • Automobile Plants
  • Chicken, Turkey and other Poultry Factory Farms
  • Construction Sites
  • Forging Mills and adjuncts
  • Furniture Plants
  • Green Houses
  • Paper Mills and those involved in various types of paper production
  • Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms
  • Textile Mills
  • The Dairy Industry
  • Wood Working and Related Industries

They employ a mist system to ensure their employees are comfortable and their products maintain high quality standards.

Industries and the Mist System

Today, many industries rely on misting or cooling systems to ensure the safety of both their employees and their products. Owners and managers alike have come to realize the benefits that can result from installing one. The versatility and low costs of a mist system are sure to ensure that the number of industries that rely on them will continue to grow.