Improve Your Nighttime Routine in Your Student Housing in Lafayette, LA

A good nighttime routine is essential to getting a restful night of sleep. After all, you never want to feel tired or unmotivated during your classes. With these tips, you can improve your nighttime routine in your student housing in Lafayette, LA.

Take a Hot Shower

There is nothing like a hot shower to help you feel relaxed right before bed. You can even use a calming body wash, such as a lavender-scented wash. Additionally, your body cooling down from the shower sends a signal to your brain that it is time to relax. This is one reason why many people wait until nighttime to take their shower.

Create a To-Do List

You do not have to worry about forgetting an important task when you create a to-do list before bedtime. This gives you peace of mind because everything is written down. You want to include all your tasks, from classes to errands. You can also add a task to your to-do list as it comes to mind, but you should try to get all your tasks written down before bedtime.

Put Your Phone Away

It is tempting to scroll on your phone before calling it a night, but this is an easy way to lose track of time. In addition, the blue light emitted from your phone makes it difficult to fall asleep because it delays the production of Melatonin. It is best to give yourself a phone cut-off time of two hours before bedtime and be sure to put your phone away when it is time to relax for the night.

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