Important Questions and Answers About A Vet In Millersville

Individuals in Millersville who have pets often worry about the health of their animals, and that’s why it’s important to have a vet nearby. Veterinarians have the knowledge and training to diagnose and treat various medical conditions that are common in animals. Read the questions and answers below to discover important information about selecting a qualified vet in Millersville.

What types of services are typically offered at a veterinary clinic?

Veterinarians perform many types of services to keep pets healthy and free from illness. Individuals should schedule a yearly wellness exam for their pets so the veterinarian can give the animals a physical examination. Although a pet may seem healthy to the owner, it’s possible for the animal to have a medical issue that must be treated as quickly as possible.

It’s also common for veterinary clinics to have special diagnostic equipment so routine tests can be performed on the premises. This ability can help to speed up a pet’s treatment since it’s not necessary for the tests to be sent away to a laboratory for the results.

Many veterinarians also perform surgical procedures at their clinics so that animals in need don’t have to travel to a different clinic for surgery. This factor can often save the life of an animal that needs immediate, life-saving surgery.

What should pet owners do if their pet has a medical emergency?

Many vets also provide emergency treatment for animals at their clinics. Individuals can call the emergency hotline after working hours and on the weekends if their pets need prompt care. Situations that require urgent care include poisoning, breathing problems, trauma, broken bones, profuse bleeding, and persistent vomitin.

Individuals should never wait until a veterinary clinic opens up for regular business hours if their pet is in any distress. By immediately contacting a vet in Millersville for an emergency situation, animals can be treated promptly, which could save their lives.

Individuals in Millersville who need veterinarian services for their pets can contact Gambrills Veterinary for compassionate care and treatment. This vet clinic provides comprehensive medical, surgical, and emergency care for all types of animals, including exotics.