Important points to consider before choosing a historic home restoration company!

If you have a historic home and want to remodel it, than you are looking for professionals with decades of experience there are often very few Restoration companies that fit the bill. However, when you find the right team of experts they can help if your home is damaged by natural disasters, Fires, flood and even vandalism. These are often the top causes of damage to historic property that can really create havoc and stress for owners and tarnish the family legacy.

Whether you need your historical property restored from the ground up or simply need small detail-oriented restorations made, they calling in professional services are the only way to go. If you have a historic house and want to remodel it, here are some key important points to consider before you start:

  • You must Verify License of the Restoration Company before choose
  • Check at least 2 References and if possible go to the historic property and view it

Small Local vs. Large historic home restoration companies

Pittsburgh Based or Outside of Your Area:

Contact both large and small companies. We have found that the size of the company does not necessarily reflect the quality of work or the satisfaction of the owner at the end of the job. We encourage you to entertain all your options and not let the size of the company weigh too heavily on your decision.

Restoration or Renovation?

Are you restoring the house to its original glory or renovating with an eye toward modernizing the house while retaining its historic character?

Time Sensitivity:

If you need to restore your home in the near future for a particular reason, ask when they are available to start. The time may vary due to weather conditions but most companies try to be as accurate as possible. Most restoration companies schedule months in advance. If you are interested in only a specific service such as media blasting, maintenance, or log repair they will do their best to schedule around restoration jobs in your area.


Please remember, you may not be comparing identical services and products. Although you would like to spend the least amount possible, there is much more to consider. You may want to start with the details regarding the estimates:

Are all estimates from licensed log home professionals with insurance and references?

Do all estimates include decks, porches, railing, etc.?

Prep work such as window covering, electrical, cable wires, etc. included?

Clean up that including removal of debris, media and other work items included?

Are materials included in the estimates (stain, borate, caulk, etc. included? -Written warranty regarding their work and your satisfaction?

Finally it’s time to decide Budget:

If your funds aren’t unlimited, decide ahead of time which areas of the house you will focus on. You may need to start small with one or two focal points, such as restoring the stairs or replacing the molding.

Top 3 Reasons you need to hire Restoration Companies

While you could call a general contractor or builder after your property is damaged, hiring restoration companies or contractors for historic homes is often the better option. There are lots of reasons to bring in the professionals who specialize in restoration after damage happens, but here are the top three reasons why you should always trust the historic home restoration companies Pittsburgh experts:

1: Fixing damage can require both devastation and repairs. It is very different to rebuild after damage occurs than to simply build from scratch or even to remodel. Fires, floods, and other natural disasters that cause damage can affect the foundation and stability of the building in unpredicted ways. Problems can develop when things are destroyed by nature, rather than by an ordered demolition.
Contractors for historic homes in Pittsburgh specialize in restoration understand how to deal with the process of dealing with an affected property and fixing it to be as good as new. In many cases, your home or property will be even better than before after the work has been done.

2. Damaged properties can have special hazards. When a property is destroyed or severely damaged, there may be many problems. Health risks can include revelation to asbestos if your building is older. The special hazards associated with rehabilitating and repairing a damaged building are not issues that every builder or contractor has the capacity to deal with. You want to make sure you trust a company that knows how to handle the issues that are unique to doing the repair work after a disaster.

3. Rebuild Instead of Restore. You may want to rebuild your home or property exactly the way it was before the damage occurred, especially if you have an older home or a historic home. In other cases, you may want to go in a new way and create something beautiful out of the damage that was done. Regardless of which option you choose, you need to work with professionals who can see the prospective even in a damaged space. Professionals that focus on restoration will be able to look around and help you to formulate a plan to get your space back the way you or your tenants prefer it to look.

These are some of few most noticeable reasons why choosing to hire restoration companies is often the best choice. If your home or property has been damaged or destroyed, you need to rebuild as quickly as possible so you can move on with your life. Call in the professionals today to get your project underway. And Review your estimate, research the methods and products and talk with the Pittsburgh historical home remodeling professionals.

You should feel confident and comfortable with a full understanding regarding the details of your project prior to making your decision. You share a common goal with your contractor.

Restoring your property to its former glory!

Most Pittsburgh historic home restoration contractors are passionate about maintaining historic homes and take pride in their work. They want you to be satisfied; after all, you are their next reference!