Important Information on Honey Bee Swarm in Dublin OH

There have been numerous cases of Honey Bee Swarm in Dublin OH. They swarm from one nest to look for a new nest. Most people are anxious on the sight of bees swarming. However, they are not usually out to attack; on the contrary, they are looking for a new home.

It is not unlikely to have a swarm of bees move into a person’s home compound. Typically, the bees get into hollow trees or anything that resemble a hive. If not removed, the swarm can be dangerous for the residents of that particular area.

The Ohio association of beekeepers advises that before one calls for an expert to remove the bees, one should confirm whether they are bees. The honey bees are commonly mistaken with wasps or the yellow jackets.

Once you confirm that it is a swarm of honey bees, it is wise not to try and disturb them otherwise they could retaliate and attack. Most people look for beekeepers in their locality to help. Unfortunately, most beekeepers are not skilled enough to remove swarming bees. If one gets a beekeeper skilled enough, they should expect to be charged for the services.

Honey Bee Swarm in Dublin OH should not cause panic to the residents. If the bees swarm is in a position whereby it’s not causing any inconvenience to anyone, it can be left for a few days. Typically, the bees will move away by themselves in a few days time. However, if they are causing inconvenience, there are qualified bee control companies in the town. The bee exterminators are skilled with the safest methods to remove the bees without causing any harm to anyone.

The following are some of the DONT’S when dealing with a bee swarm:

  • Do not disturb them with a stick or such
  • Do not attempt to spray them with any chemicals

Instead, try contacting a beekeeper near you for advice. They may help one to get the contacts of a bee exterminator nearby. They could also offer their services if they are qualified. If one fails to get the contact of a beekeeper, visit the local beekeeping supplies store; the owner of the shop might have valuable contacts. For more information about bee swarm removal Visit us at