Important Considerations When Hiring Law Firms In The UAE

There are many different reasons why a foreign investor from the United Kingdom or any other international country may need to hire an attorney in the United Arab Emirates.

Law firms in the UAE provide a wide range of services from proactive and preventative legal advice to assist in setting up companies in free zones or as mainland companies with UAE sponsors. Some of the top firms provide a much wider scope of services include offering alternative dispute resolution services, criminal defence, intellectual property specializations and even maritime and shipping legal services.

Hiring the best law firms in the region boils down to understanding what you require. Additionally, it means doing research and finding a law firm with the expertise and the practice specialization to be able to provide top consultancy or legal defence services.

Legal Experience

As in the rest of the world, there are local lawyers and law firms as well as those that are international. With local firms, there are often limited resources with a small staff of legal support professionals and a handful of lawyers.

For large and more complicated cases, or when a foreign national is involved, working with a firm with international legal experience will make a difference. The expertise and the ability to navigate the UAE legal system while also providing information on the case in clear, precise terms is something that will not be possible with less experienced firms.

Industry Experience

For issues of corporate law in the UAE, it is extremely important to work with a firm that has years in working with the various government agencies, free zone authorities and even in assisting in finding sponsors for mainland company formation.

Without this type of real-world industry experience, there is a greater risk of application problems and a much slower timeline to opening your new business in the United Arab Emirates.

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